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Ywam Alumni Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in YWAM Alumni's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
2:05 pm
Southern Cal Alumni Gathering

April 21st
Time: 7-9ish
For all alumni in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernandino or Ventura Areas who want to get together with other YWAM alumni!
We're hoping that this is the first of many!

Contact: Tim Mcginnis
Monday, December 4th, 2006
2:41 pm
Where would be a good place 2 have YWAM reunions?
We're interested in putting together some gatherings of YWAM alumni. Does anyone know of places where there's a bunch of YWAM alum that would want 2 get together? Our list right now is
Los Angeles
Greensbourgh (SP?)
Virgina Beach
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
3:18 pm
Mobilizing Alumni to Service

Completing the Great Commission by linking alumni and churches to

strategic outreach targets locally and globally

Loving and Facilitating Alumni, Helping Them Target Their Unique Passion and Destiny - Our greatest joy is to provide a caring family environment and team dynamic where alumni can gather to pray, worship, fellowship, strategize and pursue their unique destiny and dreams

Assisting Alumni To Serve Their Local Church Our greatest desire is to see each alumni become an effective bridge of vision, ministry, support, resources and effective tools for their own local church body

Networking Our greatest force is linking people, ministries and resources together through clear communication and availability. We want to be servants who work in love and humility, sharing and connecting ideas and resources to build mature alumni and a strong bride of Christ to further the Kingdom of God

Tools and Resources Our greatest blessing is to offer alumni and leaders time-tested programs, support, effective tools and resources for their personal growth as well as that of their local church


The Global Target Network is an International family of alumni who are personally committed to extending the Kingdom of God through their unique passion and gifts and servant hearts to their local church

The Global Target Network is an International network of YWAM Reps and alumni who maximize ministry opportunities at home and abroad by assisting the local church in identifying outreach and ministry targets, leadership development, effective resources and ministry implementation

* The Global Target Network is also is an International network of local churches whose desire is to see the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation. These churches are committed to do what God calls them to do in fulfilling their specific vision


A.C.T.S. Ministry Team (Alumni Called to Service)

An A.C.T.S. Ministry team can be a couple of different things. The first is, if a local church has more than one alumni in it, we would appoint the most effective person to be the local church rep and the whole group would be an A.C.T.S. Ministry Team. Secondly, a group of people who have the same passion like reaching a business or university. Lastly, an A.C.T.S. ministry team could be a larger cross-city group that targets different areas within the city but meets together regularly to pray, encourage and support one another


We want to commission alumni into being Local Church Representatives in their or another particular church, which will work with and help facilitate A.C.T.S. ministry teams in that church. As the A.C.T.S. Ministry teams will facilitate vision and target outreaches of churches in their area by leading short-term outreaches, prayer movements, training schools, spiritual mapping, urban and mercy ministry projects, the primary job of the Local Church Rep is to be the bridge (go-between) between the team and the church. The LCR must build relationships with the church pastor and leaders and in wisdom introduce resources that would help mobilize that church toward their mission vision. They may then be responsible for organizing and coordinating an event or program in that church, as the resource would suggest and at the pastor/leaders agreement.

1. Facilitator The most important role you can have is be a catalyst to help other alumni target and begin to utilize their unique passion and gifts. Being led of the Holy Spirit when meeting with alumni individually or collectively best does this. This is accomplished by periodic meetings in which alumni would meet together with you for praise reports, encouragement, guidance, fun and fellowship. You would also meet individually with alumni at their request for times to help them accomplish their passion and facilitate their ministry to their local church with wise counsel and by pointing them to strategic resources and tools.

11141 Osborne St.
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342
818-896-2755 x 206
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
12:41 pm
Cool things Happening

There are NEW and EXCITING opportunities for you! God hasn’t forgotten your
passions, dreams and purpose!

The Global Target Network is a dynamic YWAM ministry seeking to mobilize Alumni
and local churches into their God-given vision and destiny! The ministry is
headed up by Los Angeles Base Director Dave Gustaveson and is backed by Loren
Cunningham, John Dawson, YWAM Associates directors Peter and Donna Jordan, the
University of the Nations and the YWAM Global Leadership Team.

The GTN Team is establishing Alumni into teams in every city and area in North
America. These A.C.T.S. Ministry Teams (Alumni Called to Service) will meet,
fellowship and “target” the areas God shows them as they dream together in the
Holy Spirit.

“These former YWAMers will gather periodically for times of intercession,
worship, strategizing and reporting of the great things God is doing,”
Gustaveson explains. “Alumni can serve their own church by setting up training
programs, prayer movements, outreaches, urban and mercy ministry projects or
anything else God may lay on their heart.”

The GTN is looking for mature Alumni to facilitate this process in North
America. These Alumni would potentially become city or local church
Representatives. “We want to mobilize many of the 300,000 former DTS students
and YWAM staff in North America into little armies for God,” Gustaveson says.

How can YOU be involved?

1. GTN CITY OR AREA REP - You need to have a heart for missions and a passion to
help direct other Alumni into their specific target ministry and help them serve
their own local church. You also need a willingness to periodically bring people
together for a time of fellowship, fun, prayer and vision sharing (requires
heart, not hard work). On-the-job training will be provided from our office.

2. LOCAL CHURCH REP – Help bridge local and global opportunities for your church
and provide them with a host of resources to see their vision fulfilled. This
could include anything from inspiring a greater missions and ministry vision to
organizing an outreach or facilitating a Discipleship Training Course in your
church. This may all be done while in school or on the job, but the important
thing is you have a heart to see your church mobilized!

3. TEAM MEMBER READY FOR ACTION – Fuel the fire of your specific vision and
passion by linking with others in prayer, worship, fellowship, vision and
destiny. Partner with others who share your vision and passion to impact a
certain area or influence a specific sphere of society.

If you are interested in participating in any category, please communicate to us
at: alumni@globaltargetnetwork.com. Or for more information, contact us at:
info@globaltargetnetwork.com or by phone at (818) 896-2755.

Please help us call Alumni out and mobilize them back into service by spreading
the word of the Global Target Network and the various opportunities available.
Pass this letter on and send Alumni contact information to alumni@globaltargetnetwork.com.
For more info see our website www.globaltargetnetwork.com
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